by Nevicate

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Anni Kokkonen - Lead vocals
Lassi Porali - Guitars & backing vocals
Oskari Hevonkoski - Bass
Lumi Ollila - Keyboards & backing vocals
Eemeli Rouvali - Drums

Recorded at Transistor Media Oy
and Jone's home studio / Joensuu, 2015


released February 27, 2016

Cover art by Terhi Lehkonen
Produced by Jone Väänänen
(Recording, mixing and mastering)
Lyrics and music by Lassi Porali & Lumi Ollila
Songs arranged by Nevicate & Jone Väänänen



all rights reserved


Nevicate Joensuu, Finland

Melodic metalband with pop and folk influences.

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Track Name: Scream Through the Silence
If I die today there's no tears falling down
My efforts are turning to dust

I thought it was over
But it ain't hard to see I was wrong
Before the red sky drained right in front of my eyes
There was nothing black in my mind

Now these chocking hands around me
My own creations are chasing my soul
There is no one to pull me out of the darkness
No one seems to care about anything

I guess this is really the end
Oh my god does it start again

If I die today there's no tears falling down
My efforts are turning to dust
No one to hear as I scream through the silence
I'm on the edge but no one to pull me away

I hear the devil speaking in my head
You deserve this vengeance for all that you've done
I'm a prisoner of this curse in my body
A victim waiting for the sentence

I'm begging for a punishment
For somebody to set me free from this circle
Now I keep on shouting, crying to heal
The wounds my own enemy inflicted
Track Name: Insomnia
I'm lying there beside you
Still waiting for the sunrise
You're sleeping tight, there's a sign in your skin
So innocent, unconcious

It's too late
I can't erase the moment away from my mind
One more breath before the dawn

Insomnia, it takes ya
Recalling the lies I told to my love
They get me burning
Insomnia, it rips ya
Nothing can make up for what I've done
I just keep waiting
And every minute could be my last

Still lying there beside you
The moment is never arriving
I feel the sin inside my heart
And my life is on the trigger
Track Name: Heart of Lies
The clock's ticking on the wall
It's time to go to sleep
You can tell me everything, no need to feel construction
Ten years ago I made some promises to keep
You can always come to me in any situation

I would like you to please open your eyes
You can't see a little girl living in the heart of lies
Before you notice my times running out
It's too late and slowly everything fades away

You can't be leaving now you must wait for another day
Some day you'll understand the distance would ruin my heart
Where did they disappear those days we threw away
You can't take everything, no chance for another start
Track Name: Black Rose
Hundreds of eyes around me
Can't find a place to be free
There's not a corner to hide from their faces
Open your eyes and you'll see
No one around to stand by me
Trying to run but fear is capturing my mind

I wanna run
Run away far from here
Eyes around me
Killing me, never free

In the middle of the lies
Staring up to the skies
Back against the wall
Still standing tall
And the black rose fades into the darkest shade
On the edge of the night
Gonna reach for the light

A beautiful rose is dying
The innocent leaves are crying
Skies getting dark and there is someone at the backdoor
They came to take me away
Nothing to lose or betray
Nothing to fight for 'cause my story will be ending